From 1 records (LPs/12inch) you pay only 38,90 €.

There are no unit-related shipping costs.
The flat rate also includes tracking.

Shipping prices for small orders

formatpriceShipping Method
1 LP / 12 Inch38,90 €DHL
999 LP / 12 Inch38,90 €DHL
formatpriceShipping Method
1 CD / 7 Inch38,90 €DHL
999 CD / 7 Inch38,90 €DHL
Books are treated like LPs.
The shipping costs of accessories are calculated in the shopping cart according to their weight.
All other media types that are not specifically listed are treated as CDs/7inch.
For the tracking by postal shipping we have to charge an additional 2,35 €.
For orders of 150 € or above, we ship exclusively with DHL.